Robert Gann

Robert Gann, Professor of Computer and Information Sciences, and Physics

  • BS Physics, BS Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University
  • MS, PhD Theoretical Physics, Cornell University
  • MS, Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Prof. Gann primarily teaches computer science courses. His specialties are operating systems, programming languages, and data structures.

He is always lookingfor students willing to work with him in learning new things. His current interests include programming apps for the Apple's Mac and various mobile devices, game programming using Python, Ruby and Apple's new MacRuby language, and Ruby on Rails.

Prof. Gann never shook the theoretical physics thing. If you wonder into his office to talk about elementary particle physics or cosmology or the possibility that we might live in a multiverse, you will make him very happy.

One of Prof. Gann's favorite sayings is that "The thing that really gets me excited as a teacher is not when a student tells me I'm a good teacher, it is when a student tells me that they didn't know they could do what they just did."

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