Information Science Major

The information science major is geared toward students who want to become computer professionals in the modern business world. It is designed to produce skilled and creative individuals who will manage the information, computer systems and people needed by businesses in the 21st century. Graduates have gone to work for various companies including Symantec, Yahoo, and Teach for America. As with our Computer Science graduates, many Information Science alumni have also gone on to small companies.

Information Science graduates become Database Managers, .NET programmers, Systems Analysts and Project Managers. Some decide to continue their education in graduate school.

Core Courses

In your first two years, you take a minimum of four core courses.  Be sure to check these out.  You can even start your Information Science major with a course in Game Programming!

CISC 120 Cracking the Code or CISC 118 Game Programming
CISC 135 Visual Programming
CISC 225 Advanced Programming Techniques
CISC 315 Database Management

Advanced Courses

In your junior and senior years, you take the four advanced Information Science courses.  These course will develop your high level Information Scientist skills.

CISC 380 Web Development
CISC 330 Computer Networks
CISC 310 Systems Analysis & Design
CUSC 460 Systems Design & Implementation

Elective Courses

You are required to take a minimum of two Information Science elective courses.  Most students cannot resist taking more.

CISC 325 Computer Security
CISC 215 PC Systems where students build new computers for the CISC Clubhouse

In the fall of 2012 we will offered a course in Mobile Application Development.

Supporting Courses

All Information Science majors take three supporting courses to broaden their background.

BUSA 101 Introduction to Business
MATH 108 Statistics
MATH 121 Single Variable Calculus

Senior Thesis

Every student does a senior thesis during his or her senior year.  The students do incredible things.  We are very proud of them.  Check out what our students did last year.   Senior Thesis Projects

Enrichment Courses

Hartwick has an incredibly rich array of courses you can use to enrich your computer major.  Enrichment Courses