• Hartwick student with Lego robot
  • Hartwick student with Lego robot
  • Hartwick student programming Lego robot
  • Hartwick student programming Lego robot

Special Things

In addition to the two computer majors, the 3-2 engineering program, the great faculty, there are a quite a number of things that make the Department of Computer and Information Sciences Special.  Here are a few.

MSDNAA Program

Our MSDNAA Program allows students in our Department to have, free of charge any Microsoft operating system or development tool, including beta versions.  This means, for example, that you can download and install the latest versions of MS Windows and MS Visual Studio on your computer completely free.

Android Development

We added a new course that covers mobile application development for the latest Android operating system.  The students developed Android Apps and experimented with several different types of mobile devices.

Cracking the Code

Our first programming course gets off to a special start with a unit on logical thinking and problem solving.  Even if you have no experience in programming, you will be doing incredible things in a couple weeks.

Robotics Programming

Every January Term, Professors Lichtman and Carbone teach a course on Robotics Programming. 

Game Programming

Our Game Programming course is a unique way to start your computer science or information science major.  Although this is a new addition to our program, some students have already produced games for mobile devices for their senior projects.

PC Systems

Would you like learn how to build you own computer?  Learn how to manage Windows 7 Server?  Check out our PC Systems course.  Atthe same time, you will be helping to design and build some  of the new 64-bit computers in our CISC Clubhouse.

Computer Security

Computer security is a real strength in our department.  We offer a couple of courses in this area.  Topics covered include network reconnaissance, network scanning, application attacks, operating system attacks, network attacks, denial-of-service attacks, Trojan Horses, backdoor programs, rootkits, computer viruses. Students will learn how vulnerabilities are exploited, and how to prevent, detect, and respond to an attack. Several graduates have gone on to careers in this field.

Computer Networks

Our Networks course offers an overview of data communication and computer networking. It provides an introduction to the concepts, terminology, and technology of electronic communications. Local and wide area networks, the Internet, intranets, and extranets, as well as the PSTN will be examined and discussed in detail. Topics include the OSI and TCP/IP models, digital and analog signals, modulation techniques, multiplexing, routing, protocols, network structure and architecture.

Web Development

You can become an expert in web development if you wish.  Our primary emphasis is on learning the tools required to build a professional quality Web site. There are many different technologies available and they change regularly. Languages for client side and server side programming will be covered. The Web Development course builds on knowledge of Systems Analysis & Design, Database systems and traditional programming techniques as a starting point.

Enrichment Courses

Hartwick has a phenomenal array of enrichment courses in other departments which you can use to complement your computer science or information science major.  Be sure to look them over.