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We asked a few of our current and former students to tell you about our program. This is what they said.

Mat Feeman '14 Computer Science

I love the sense of community that the CISC Department has here, and how the students and professors become close friends.

Jack Bauerle '12 Information Science

I really like how the classes in CISC are constantly overlapping with real-world practice. Projects are designed similarly to a job in real life.

Diana Acker '12 Computer Science

I love the fact that I was able to do one-on-one directed studies in Video Game Programming in Python and Cryptography.

Alanna Ranellone '12 Computer Science & Art

The CISC Department consists of the most dedicated and intelligent people I know. The classes are challenging, and the professors have always been accommodating of the scheduling needs of my two majors. Every person in the Department has my respect, and I could not be happier with my decision to learn computer science.

Vincent Churchiolo '12 Information Science

I love the small classes, the education, and the experienced professors. I also love the hands-on labs that my courses offer.

Leanne Keeley '13 Computer Science

The classes are relaxed and fun. The students and faculty are friendly and open to questions.

Chad Berhyelt '15 Computer Science

The classes are fun, the faculty is kind and approachable, the facilities are new, and the students are cooperative and easy to get along with.

Frank Drapalski '12 Information Science

The professors know who you are as more than a student; they are willing to help with any problem. The CISC Department is small and close knit. Students all know one another and contribute to fellow students' studies.

Demetrious Adrahtas '13 Computer Science

I enjoy the small class sizes and being able to know my professors outside of class.

Jaime Taboada '12 Computer Science

I like getting to know the faculty well, which facilitates learning and makes it easier to ask for help.

Joe Seney '14 Computer Science

The classes are fun and I learn a lot.