• Exploring Mt. St. Helens, Washington.
  • Acting out the effects of volcanic fumes, Hawaii.
  • Mapping metamorphoc rocks in the Adirondack lowlands.
  • Exploring Arches National Park, Utah.

Delta Delta G

Pounding on the outcrops...

Founded in 1975 by the Hartwick faculty, Delta Delta G has provided great educational and social experiences for majors and interested non-majors alike. In addition to aiding the faculty in field trip arrangements and sponsoring social outings, the club has performed many recent services to the northern Catskill and Susquehanna Valley communities. The club songs and ceremonies are always a spectacle to behold in the halls and classrooms of Johnstone Science Center...or wherever we may be. Yes indeed, you may just hear the club song echoing over the orange rocks of Arches National Park or in a campground in the western Finger Lakes. The Delta Delta G blue hooded sweatshirts are a common sight on the Hartwick campus.

Delta Delta G on the shore of Great Salt Lake, Utah

Dave Chapman '05

Dave Chapman '05

Dave’s flair for field geology led him to a staff geologist position.

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