David H. Griffing

B.S., Geology - Saint Lawrence University
M.S., Geology - University of Idaho
Ph.D., Geology - State University of New York at Binghamton

Modern and Ancient Coral Reefs
Carbonate/Tropical Marine Geology
Devonian Geology and Paleontology of New York State
Economic Mineralogy

GEOL 107-Physical Geology
GEOL 109-The Global Environment
GEOL 110-Environmental Geology
GEOL 205-Paleontology
GEOL 206-Mineralogy
GEOL 250-Topics in Geology:Oceanography
GEOL 275-Geology and Natural History of Hawaii (J-Term)
GEOL 311-Field Geology
GEOL 450-Topics in Geology: Plate Tectonics or Global Change

Contact Information:
Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences
Johnstone Science Center
One Hartwick Drive
Oneonta, NY 13820
Phone:  607-431-4629
Fax:  607-431-4374
E-mail:  griffingd@hartwick.edu