David Hutchison (Professor Emeritus)

 Education: Dr. David Hutchison
B.S.   Beloit College (Wisconsin)
M.S.  University of Montana
Ph.D. West Virginia University

David "Hutch" Hutchinson was hired at Hartwick in 1967 to teach a variety of geology courses (Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Paleontology and Mineralogy), and soon co-founded the Department of Geology at Hartwick in 1975 with Robert Titus. Hutch placed the emphasis of the department on field-based learning; teaching field geology and developing the department's off-campus January-term course to Hawaii (then combined with a trip to the Grand Canyon). He was also involved in Hartwick's acquisition of the Pine Lake property and served as the Chair of the Pine Lake Commision for a few years.  Hutch retired in 2000 and now spends his time as a community leader on environmental issues, as well as a world traveler. He can often be seen in the department preparing for one of his many overseas excursions. In 2003, Hutch traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico, with Eric Johnson and several students doing senior thesis research in the region. During Spring 2007, Hutch joined Eric Johnson and David Griffing in leading the department/Delta Delta G trip to Death Valley, California. As always, his broad geological knowledge, his curiosity and his easy-going manner made a new generation of Hutch fans among the student participants.

Hutch's Travels:
Using "Lonely Planet" and number of geology maps as his guides, Hutch has traveled around the globe since his retirement. Since 2000, he has managed to visit Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, India and Isreal. These countries can be added to his pre-retirement trips to China (including Tibet), Japan and several European countries.