• Thesis research in the Mojave Desert, California.
  • Hiking out of Waimea Canyon, Kauai.
  • Evidence of a giant cosmic collision in Sudbury, Ontario.
  • Hiking dunes in Death Valley, California.

Field Studies

Beyond the Classroom

Oneonta is close to several important geological provinces: the Catskill Mountains, the central and northern Appalachians, and the Adirondacks. The department takes full advantage of its location and runs day and weekend (and longer) field trips to all of these mountain ranges.

Hartwick’s Geological and Environmental Sciences Department offers off-campus study and fieldwork opportunities in places such as Texas, the Bahamas, and Hawaii.

In addition to field components of most major courses and January Term excursions, majors typically attend annual meetings at the Geological Society of America, most recently held in Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Seattle, WA; Salt Lake City, UT; and Philadelphia, PA. The department commonly arranges educational field trips in the vicinity of these conference destinations. Recent department field trips include: Mt. St. Helens, WA; Olympic Peninsula, WA; Pike’s Peak, CO; Rocky Mountain National Park, CO; Mt. Washington, NH; Arches and Canyonland National Parks, UT. These truly memorable destinations are commonly on the "Life Lists" published by geologists.

The department runs a small weather station on Hartwick’s Pine Lake Environmental Campus.

Off-campus internships are encouraged and recommended. Geological and Environmental Sciences majors frequently complete internships with regional environmental science companies and major museums. Recent internships include the city of Utica, NY water treatment facility; Department of Health in Oneida County, NY; Geo Corps; Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona; Rogers Environmental Education Center; Lawson Surveying and Mapping; Maine Geological Survey; New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cal Tech, Pasadena, CA; and the Forestry Department-Minister of Agriculture (St. Lucia, West Indies).

Lexy Fowler '09

Lexy Fowler '09

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