Department Trip to Utah 2005

 Salt Lake GSA Meeting and Utah Field Trip: Oct. 16-21, 2005

At the Meeting
The Department and Delta Delta G co-sponsored the attendance of 10 geology majors, 1 geology minor, and 1 interested chemistry major at the Annual Geological Society of America Meeting, held in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to presentations by Drs. Johnson and Griffing, Amanda Stone (2006) presented her senior thesis research. In addition, she was also asked to co-chair the presentation session; a rare honor for an undergraduate. 

When in Utah...
The department arranged a three-day trip to some fantastic geologic localities in Utah. First stop: the Great Salt Lake!

The group then traveled a short distance to one of the world's largest copper mines--the Bingham Canyon Mine. Everyone learned more about copper-bearing porphyry deposits and supergene enrichment of ores, as well as local environmental impact of such a major mine.

(click on picture for larger view)

The group continued on to Moab, Utah, for visits to Arches and Canyonlands national parks. Before entering Arches, we hiked the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail for a close-up view of 150 million-year-old dinosaur bones in outcrop. The scenery at the Mill Canyon Trail whet our appetite for the truly spectacular scenery of Arches!

Weathering of rock is the theme at Arches National Park. Hiking along giant fins of sandstone demonstrates how fractures promote the breakdown of rock to form the Arches landscape.

The immense size of Landscape Arch (below) and the visible scars of recent rock falls make this an exciting stop in Arches National Park.

The culmination of several strenuous hikes was the trip up to Delicate Arch (below), the most famous rock formation in Arches Park.

A visit to the Moab area wouldn't be complete without a view of the Colorado River Canyon in Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park (below).

Students ponder uplift and erosion of the Colorado Plateau, as well as the warm sun of Utah, before returning to New York State.