Adirondack Lowlands Trip 2007

Field Geology Trip: Sept. 21-23, 2007

Since Hartwick College resides within the semi-flat Devonian strata of  the central New York, our students get plenty of experience with sedimentary bedrock mapping in heavily vegetated landscapes. In order to teach data collection and mapping techniques in igneous and metamorphic terranes, the field geology class spent a weekend in the Adirondack Lowlands near Gouverneur, New York. Students practiced identifying and recording unusual metamorphic mineral occurrences, measured strike, dip and plunge in folds, and mapped in detail a single outcrop in the Dana Hill Metagabbro.  Below, students gather around the "camp kitchen" at dinner time. 

We examined many features in the marbles of  St. Lawrence County, including skarns, folding, boudinage, and these overturned silicified stromatolites (below) in Fowler, New York.

Deformed migmatites (below)  along Rte. 58 ( east of Gouverneur) make great subjects for detailed concept sketches!

The group spent most of a morning mapping a single outcrop of the Dana Hill Metagabbro using a theodolite, stadia rod, and tape measures (below).

As we broke camp and put out the campfire with our  excess cooler ice, we realized that we had leftover marshmallows.  "What to do...I've got it...instead of toasting marshmallows, how about frosting marshmallows?" Clearly, it was time to go home (below).