Off-Campus Field Studies

GEOL 275 J Term Courses

Hartwick's Geology and Environmental Sciences Department offers off-campus study and fieldwork opportunities in places such as west Texas, the Mojave Desert and surrounding parts of California, the Bahamas, Hungary, and Hawaii. Other course destinations, such as the Windward Islands of the Caribbean and New Zealand, are also being planned. Currently-offered versions of GEOL 275 are scheduled every 2-4 years in rotation. These 4-credit courses typically travel for 21 to 24 days (3-3.5 weeks). Enrollment is limited (usually 19-20 students maximum) and by permission of the instructors. These courses are generally open to non-majors, but geology and other science majors get preference in the selection process. Click on the list below of currently-offered courses to find out more about specific course content and itineraries.

Lexy Fowler '09

Lexy Fowler '09

I've always wanted to help the environment.

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