Daily Life on the West Texas Trip

Keepin' the greenhorns happy

The non-science component of the trip is equally memorable and includes experiences of old western and cowboy culture like this trek on horseback at the Terlingua Ranch (above and below).


When not on horseback or hiking on foot, travel is primarily by van. Arriving in El Paso, the group loads into the van for a six-hour drive to Big Bend. Your happy and trustworthy guides make long bouts of driving a memorable experience!


A short stint of tent camping and group cooking in Big Bend is followed by the comfort of hearty home-cooked meals and cabins at the Terlingua Ranch (below). A big breakfast comes in handy for a day of hiking and mapping.

Eccentric charm is common in this part of the country, as evidenced by the mascot of the Lajitas Trading Post (below).

Nightlife is also colorful at Terlingua Ranch, where students match wits and singing voices with karaoke night host Cooter during an evening at the Bad Rabbit Cafe (below).