• Measuring folds in metamorphic rocks, Adirondack lowlands.
  • Exploring Arches National Park, Utah.
  • Acting out the effects of volcanic fumes, Hawaii.
  • Mapping metamorphoc rocks in the Adirondack lowlands.

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News Items
May 2014 - The "Hutch" Award Recipients meet Hutch!

Emeritus Professor of Geology, Dr. David Hutchison, (center), was in attendance for the 2014 Honors Convocation and had aProfessor Hutchison, Keith O"Connor '15, Jessica Domino '15 chance to meet and speak with both the 2013 and 2014 "Hutch" Award winners. The 2013 "Hutch" Award recipient, Keith O'Connor '15 (left) used his award money to enroll in the J Term 2014 course Field Geology of the Desert Southwest. The 2014 "Hutch" Award recipient, Jessica Domino '15 (right) plans to use her award money to support summer field research and expenses from a conference trip to Vancouver, British Columbia!

The "Hutch" Award is designed to help academically excellent geology majors pay for academic travel expenses. Please help us continue offering the Hutch Award to our students! Learn more about the "Hutch" Award.

Upcoming Events & Trips
Every geologist and environmental scientist should experience geological phenomena where they occur in the field. Some of these phenomena and uncommon sites have been compiled as part of a geologist's lifetime field list. Hartwick geology students have many unusual opportunities to experience geology firsthand and add to their own life list. Hartwick students have visited an erupting volcano (Kilauea), Mt. St. Helens composite volcano, an active margin coastline (Olympic Peninsula, WA), a layered igneous intrusion (Big Bend National Park), the largest open pit mine in the world (Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah), an anorthosite complex (Adirondacks), dinosaur trackways in the field (Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, Colorado), one of the largest limestone cave systems in the North America (Carlsbad Caverns), and an ancient ophiolite complex (Southern Vermont).

The Hartwick faculty and Delta Delta G members are planning the following major fall conference and field studies trips* :

October 2014 - Vancouver, B.C., Canada
GSA Conference and Vancouver Island Field Trip
Students need U.S. Passport book for entry into Canada and re-entry into the U.S. via air.

November 2015 - Baltimore, MD
GSA Conference and Great Falls/Chesapeake Field Trip

October 2016 - Denver, CO
GSA Conference and Front Range of Rockies Field Trip

October 2017 - Seattle, WA
GSA Conference and Northern Cascades Field Trip
Including Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

*Particpant costs largely covered by Delta Delta G and Department of Geology & Environmental Sciences.

Past department news briefs can be found on our Archived News page.

Dave Chapman '05

Dave Chapman '05

Dave’s flair for field geology led him to a staff geologist position.

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