• Measuring mineral alignment in the Adirondack lowlands.
  • Examining folded strat in Vermont.
  • Exploring Death Valley, California.
  • Hiking the Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii.

Student Research

The best way to learn the scientific method is to do scientific research. Every Hartwick Geological and Environmental Sciences major completes small research projects in most major-level course. In addition, very geological and environmental science major works with a professor on a senior thesis-- a project that explores a special topic of study. Some students begin this research in their Sophomore and Junior years. As a result they have time to complete longer-term projects that not only teach the logistics of scientific research, but also make significant advances in scientific knowledge. The results are presented at a special symposium near the end of the senior year. Hartwick GESC student research has been funded by Hartwick Trustee Faculty Research Grants, by Hartwick student scholarships, and by eternal scholarships. Currently, Hartwick awards the Freedman Prize, a substantial cash award to support student research. Student projects within the Geology & Environmental Science program have been frequent recipients of this prestigious award. In the past four years, four Hartwick GESC students have won the Angelo Tagliacozzo Memorial Scholarship sponsored by the Northeast Section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. These competitive awards are designed to support junior and senior undergraduate geology students attending college in the eight-state Northeast region. Students commonly present their research at national geologic conferences, such as the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America.

Past Freedman Prize winners advised by GESC Faculty include:
Sarah Timm '10 - Are the Moat Mountain Volcanics really volcanic? (Advisor: E.L. Johnson)

Miranda Lahr '09 - Trace element and mineral analysis of pottery from Native American cultures in the Upper Susquehanna River Valley of Oneonta, New York (Advisors: Susan Young and E.L. Johnson)

Nichola Thomas '07 - Centrifuge modeling of structures formed in sedimentary basins in tensional settings (Advisor: E.L. Johnson)

Katherine Keefe '07 - Evolution and chemistry of the Moat Mountain Volcanics in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (Advisor: E.L. Johnson)

Stephanie Carr '07 - Determination and calibration of an amphibole-scapolite geothermometer (Advisors: E.L. Johnson and Paul House)

Joshua Valder '05 - Re-examination of the pressure-temperature conditions of the Zapotecan Orogeny, Oaxacan Complex, South-central Mexico (Advisor: E.L. Johnson)

Christopher Belnap '03 - Characterization of microorgansims on well-exposed igneous surfaces and their role in mineral weathering (Advisors: E.L. Johnson and Mary Allen)

Laura Bassani '02 - Whitehall Shear Zone: Eastern Bounding Shear in the Adirondacks (Advisor: E.L Johnson)

Laurel Christina White '02 - Biogeophyiscal and biogeochemical weathering of Xanthroparmelia lichen on red sandstone (Advisor: E.L. Johnson)


Research projects by Hartwick recipients of the Angelo Tagliacozzo Scholarship include:
Alexandre Fowler '09 - Taphonomy of a modern coral reef in the Bahamas as a tool for modeling patch reef ecosystem transitions and depositional environments in the fossil record (Advisor: D.H. Griffing)

Robert Henry '07 - The diagenetic history of concretionary masses from the Aguja Formation, Texas (Advisor: D.H. Griffing)

Margaret Snyder '07 - Preliminary investigation of marble grus disintegration and transport in the San Bernardino Mountains, California (Advisor: D.H. Griffing)

Katherine Plourde '06 -

Other recent student projects also demonstrate a wide range of exciting research:
William French '09 - Survey of economic gas potential in Bewlington, West Virginia (Advisor: E.L. Johnson)

Adriann Partrick '09 - Microfacies analysis of a newly exposed Chazy reef, Isle La Motte, Vermont (Advisor: D.H. Griffing)

Gregory Wilding '09 - Dendrochronology: Relating tree ring data to climate on Oyaron Hill (Advisor: E.L. Johnson)

Timothy Young '09 -

Matthew Daigneault '08 - Temperature fluctuations as a cause for marble disintegration in the San Bernardino Mountains, California (Advisor: D.H. Griffing)

Andrew Goodell '08 - Analyzing for Potential Soil contamination around a World War I Firing Range (Advisor: E.L. Johnson)

Stephanie Carr '07 - Determination and calibration of an amphibole-scapolite geothermometer (Advisor: E.L. Johnson and Paul House)

Stephen Catalfamo '07 - Paleoenvironmental analysis of the Stafford Member limestone (Middle Devonian Hamilton Group) of Western New York (Advisor: D.H. Griffing)

Martha Flower '07 - Reef paleoenvironments of the middle Crown Point Formation (Chazy Group - Middle Ordovician), Isle La Motte, Vermont: An geo-education project at Goodsell Ridge Preserve (Advisor: D.H. Griffing)

Amanda Stone '06 - Hypolithic environment of gypsum plates and the influence of microbial colonization: Big Bend National Park, Texas (Advisor: E.L. Johnson). As an undergraduate, Amanda present her paper and co-chiar a session at the 2005 Annual Geological Society of America Meeting in Salt Lake City.

David Chapman '05 - Magnetite and iron borate deposits in the Jayville Magnetite District, Adirondacks, New York: A new skarn model for ore synthesis (Advisor: E.L. Johnson)

Jason Stouffer '05 - Investigation of a transition from marine paleoenvironment to terrestrial paleoenvironment during the Middle to Late Devonian (Advisor: D.H. Griffing)





Dave Chapman '05

Dave Chapman '05

Dave’s flair for field geology led him to a staff geologist position.

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