• Measuring folds in metamorphic rocks, Adirondack lowlands.
  • Exploring Arches National Park, Utah.
  • Acting out the effects of volcanic fumes, Hawaii.
  • Mapping metamorphoc rocks in the Adirondack lowlands.

Minor Requirements

Minimum of seven courses, distributed as follows:

Five courses in Geology, at least three at 200 level or above

One of the following:

  • 107 and 108 General Chemistry or 109 Accelerated General Chemistry (CHEM)
  • 140 and 141 Principles of Physics I, II or 201 and 202 General Physics 1, 11 (PHYS)
  • 112 Ecology and the Environment (BIOL)

One course in mathematics or computer science

  • 108 Statistics, 120 Pre-Calculus, 121 Single Variable Calculus (MATH), or 120 Introduction to Programming (CISC)
Dave Chapman '05

Dave Chapman '05

Dave’s flair for field geology led him to a staff geologist position.

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