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Curricular Plan

Because the nursing curriculum is distributed over four years, nursing students study liberal arts and nursing theory concurrently, beginning the major in the very first year. In addition to the major requirements, the curriculum is organized on a wellness to illness continuum emphasizing developmental, communication and systems theories with a strong base in the physical and social sciences. Our definition of health, a dynamic synthesis of wellness and illness, plus more, provides a framework for understanding care from a nursing perspective.

Our students have clinical experiences in the local community hospital, A. O. Fox Memorial Hospital; at a rural medical center in nearby Cooperstown, Bassett Healthcare; with the community-based home care agency, At Home Care; in a school-based clinic, Healthzone; and at a regional academic medical center, Albany Medical Center. Our students also have an opportunity to study transcultural nursing in Jamaica, West Indies.

View our nursing curriculum in the College catalog. For more information contact the nursing faculty.

Dr. Debra Bond Wollaber ’73

Dr. Debra Bond Wollaber ’73

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