Spring 2012: Leta Beam

Leta is one of the most powerful and energetic voices for business transformation, sharing her message of full throttle engagement and leadership from every seat through coaching, teaching, speaking, and writing. Her new full length book, Take The Lead, is a must read for absolutely everyone in today's healthcare workplace. It speaks to CEOs, CNOs, as well as analysts, receptionists, nurses, clinicians and "middle management" professionals. She is President of Vantage International, a premier leadership and business coaching enterprise, dedicated to serving high performing professionals and the organizations that they lead. Leta has been described in newspaper and journal articles as the "energetic woman who can beat psychosclerosis (hardening of the attitudes)."

Regardless of setting, Leta's framework is the same.... Each of us is a powerful force in our own experience, if we choose to be. In order for us to improve our conditions, then, we must intentionally change, not because we are told to or because someone manages, directs, cajoles or browbeats us. Rather, through our own will. Sustainable shifts are intentional and self-induced. Every seat is a power seat! Never has there been a more optimal time for us in healthcare to fully embrace this message.

Not everyone is ready to open the throttle up and put the pedal to the metal. Yet Leta creates a safe space in which others can temporarily suspend current judgments and begin to think about things differently and every voice can be heard. Her infectious energy, engaging style and results-oriented messages help those around her to believe that everything is possible and inspires them to more actively engage at work.

She provides both the business case for transformation and deceptively simple ways to apply her points in real work life situations. She offers this, in the context of reality based hopefulness. Based on her breakthrough book, Take The Lead, Leta makes a compelling case for dramatically changing our definition of leadership. Part learning, part un-learning, Leta's unique facilitation style first creates a shared vision of vibrant workplace community, characterized by full throttle engagement and powered by the universal application of coach leadership. Next, Leta offers a practical roadmap for living that vision at work. Forget what you think you know about engagement and coaching. Leta will challenge same old same old thinking and dare participants to ‘take the lead' in bold new ways in their organizations.