Spring 2008 - Gen Guanci

Gen Guanci M.Ed, RN, CCRN, BC
Creative Health Care Management

Gen Guanci presented an evening lecture "Relationship-based Care: What's It all About?" on March 12 and the next day conducted two workshops "I2E2: The Model for Implementing and Enculturating Relationship-Based Care" for practicing nurses and nurse educators and "Using Relationship-Based Care to Thrive in the Workplace" for our Hartwick Nursing students.

She brings over 30 years of national and international nursing experience and skills to her role as consultant. Her expertise includes the development of strategies and process to support all aspects of the MagnetTM journey; development of competency assessment and validation processes; staff development role and process redesign; implementation of a four level evaluation system for education (Kirkpatrick model); implementation of organization-wide leadership development processes; JCAHO readiness and the development and implementation of peer review systems as well as competency-based clinical advancement programs (clinical ladders).

Guanci has held a variety of positions ranging from critical care staff nurse to director of education and organization development and earned her master's degree in adult education from Cambridge College. In addition,  she completed a certificate of advanced graduate studies in organization development, also from Cambridge College, and is certified in critical care nursing through the American Association of Critical Care as well as in nursing professional development (BC) through the American Nurses Association.

She is a member of the National Nurses in Staff Development and is president of the NNSDO Affiliate - North Eastern Organization of Nurse Educators. She is a multi-year invited member of the annual National Magnet Conference Continuing Education Task Force, which is responsible for the selection of conference presentations and posters.  She has published several articles related to the Magnet journey and is a frequent presenter at national conferences on Magnet as well as a variety of other subjects, and is sought after for her ability to take complex topics and make them easily understood.

Gen is passionate about the advancement of nursing as a profession and addresses this through a wide variety of education programs, as well as through her ability to work with organizations to develop the image of professional nurses at their organization.