Spring 2009 - Sarah Root

Sarah Root is an education consultant with a special focus on self-discovery and personal wellness programs for young adults and educators. Her passion is helping others find balance, potential, and direction. Her work draws on broad holistic training in mindfulness meditation, expressive arts, energy work, empowerment, and intuitive development. Sarah believes that we all have innate healing skills and that our most potent answers lie within.

Sarah brings 30 years of expertise to her college enrichment programs. Her rich background includes work as a biology instructor, group facilitator, holistic health practitioner/teacher, and director of experiential discovery. Infused with her abiding enthusiasm for personal growth, these specialties make Sarah a unique resource for inspiring awareness of one's health and potential. Sarah has earned acclaim as a facilitator through designing and leading hundreds of diverse workshops. She is the creator of LearnThrive, a workshop model adapted from the Empowerment Institute and grounded in positive psychology principles.

We know the nursing profession is hard work that can drain our vitality and spirit over time. If we are passionate about giving nursing care, we also must become passionate about our self-care. This lecture invites us to explore our own personal wellness in the belief that in order to serve patients with excellence and integrity, we must attend to our own wellness first.

Sarah presented both lecture and workshop in an experiential format, bringing awareness and fresh intention to our own attitudes and beliefs about self-care. We all have areas of resistance. Using the LearnThrive method of creative reflection, we explored how to restore ourselves with regular play, centering, and attention to the body's messages. We began to develop a clear plan for self-care that empowers us to be our own "first patient" for ongoing health. Through learning new ways to stay nourished and overcome barriers to our own self-care, we can become stronger patient educators with a more balanced presence.

Prior to pursuing consulting Sarah was Director of Challenge Education at Hartwick College for 25 years and a national certified trainer for Project Adventure Inc., a leading experiential education company. Sarah holds an M.S. in zoology/ecology from the University of Maryland. She is a Reiki master teacher with an active private practice.