Spring 2012: Donna Cardillo RN, MA

Donna Cardillo, RN, MA is the Career Guru for Nurses! She is the "Dear Donna" columnist at nurse.com and for Nursing Spectrum and NurseWeek magazines. Donna is an "Expert" blogger at DoctorOz.com, the first and only nurse blogging there and the former "Healthcare Careers Expert" at Monster.com.

Donna is considered a thought leader in the nursing field and an expert in career management for nurses. She is author of 3 books: Your 1st Year as a Nurse; The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses; and A Daybook for Beginning Nurses. She holds a diploma in nursing, a BS in Healthcare Management and an MA in Corporate and Public Communication.

Donna has received numerous awards but is most proud to have been designated a Diva in Nursing by the NJ Institute for Nursing for her accomplishments and excellence in practice. She's a rabid tweeter, a frequent cut-up and still passionate about nursing after all these years. Her website address is www.dcardillo.com.