Spring 2014: Emily Edelman

O'Connor Chair Lecture series Spring 2014 presented: "Genetics, Genomics, and You" by Emily Edelman, MS, CGC Associate Director, Clinical & Continuing Education, The Jackson Laboratory.

Emily Edelman is a board certified genetic counselor whose work focuses on genetics education for health professionals. At the Jackson Laboratory, she collaborates with healthcare providers to incorporate genetics and genomics into clinical practice through diverse education programs. Previously at NCHPEG (the National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics), Ms. Edelman directed the development of targeted education programs and clinical tools in genetics for healthcare providers, including initiatives in family health history, neurology, and cancer. Prior to joining NCHPEG, Ms. Edelman was a genetic counselor at the Genomic Medicine Institute at Cleveland Clinic, where she had roles in cancer genetic counseling, cancer research, and family health history and personalized medicine initiatives.