• Nursing student during farm visit
  • Hartwick nursing students during fram visit
  • Nursing students during farm visit
  • Rural farm scene

Rural Health Nursing

During January Term, some junior nursing students return for the Rural Health Nursing course. This four-week experience is designed to expose the student to the concepts inherent in a rural context, such as isolation, work, and distance to health agencies.

Student learn to recognize the myriad of health beliefs and practices that exist among and between different members of a rural culture and how those beliefs and practices impact health of its members.

Clinical experiences occur in community settings such as hospice, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and also rural home health care visits. The course offers the opportunity to examine health promotion, disease prevention, risk reduction, illness and disease management within the unique rural environment.

Students visit a farm on their last day of the course to learn about rural health issues affecting people who live and work on a family farm.

Juliana Van de Krol '09

Juliana Van de Krol '09

Helping to bring babies into the world was an incredible experience, and something I aspire to do as a nurse some day.

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