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Nursing Senior Theses

Like the capstone on a well-built stone wall, senior thesis represents the capstone of four years of education at Hartwick. This year's seniors have shown the ability to form questions and search for the answers. This is an ability that will come into use many times during their nursing careers.

The following list of titles from the Class of 2011 shows the depth and variety of interests that the seniors brought to their thesis class.

Anna Joy Arnold, RN, "Improving the Health of Impoverished Children"

Catherine A. Bell, "Animal Assisted Therapy: Effectiveness and Pertinence to the Practice of Nursing"

Amanda Brand, "Assessing and Identifying Eating Disorders in High School and College Athletes"

Meghan Bryan, "Impact of Nursing Interventions on Fatigue and Pain in Pediatric Oncology Patients"

Sam Campbell, "The Feasibility of Implementing a Lift Team in the Nursing Setting to Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries"

Amanda Cronis, "Improving the nurse-patient relationship: the role of therapeutic communications"

Kelly Dwyer, "The Nurse's Role in Helping Caregivers of People with Multiple Sclerosis Cope"

Gabrielle Evans, "The comparison of traditional and centering pregnancy models of prenatal care within diverse populations of childbearing women"

Chelsey Gill, "Nurse Staffing: What is the effect of nurse-patient ratios on patient outcomes?"

Allison Godfrey, "What are appropriate assessment tools, counseling needs, and effective resources that healthcare professionals can provide to pregnant females who are involved in intimate partner violence?"

Nadine I. Gurley, "Suicide in the Military: Nurses' Role in Prevention"

Elizabeth Haddock, "Pediatric Palliative Care: The barriers to providing an optimal level of care to a vulnerable population"

Carly Jesset, "Healthy pregnancies for women with mental disabilities"

Sarah Johnson, "Motivating Culturally Diverse Youth to Choose a Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Obesity"

Rachel Karker, "Violence in Nursing"

Paris Maney, "Treating Depression in the Elderly: Reminiscence Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy"

Laura Marcalus, "Helping Parents Cope with the Diagnosis of CP in Their Child"

Rebecca Martt, "Teaching So They Hear; Effective Strategies to Motivate Self-Management in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes"

Ogechukwu Mbamalu, "African American nursing student retention"

Stacy McLam, "Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Critical Care Nurses"

Colleen Moran, "Intervention to Reduce Emergency Room Overcrowding and Improve Quality of Care"

Kate Orban, "The Importance of Ethics Education in Nursing Professional Practice"

Nicole Possidente, "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Military Personnel"

Meeghan Ramsey, "The Patient's Perspective of the Role of Hope in Coping with Life-Threatening Illnesses"

Jacklyn Richards, "The Role of the Nurse in Breastfeeding Attrition"

Sandra Rosario, "Gang violence within the adolescent population: A vulnerable population for nursing intervention"

Elyse Russo, "Female Intimate Partner Violence Screening and Care in the Emergency Department"

Amanda Schmidt, "The nurse's role in decreasing surgical site infection (SSI) prevalence and improving patient outcomes in the operating room through infection control compliance"

Amber Sellevold, "Children with Chronic Conditions: How Nurses Can Help Parents Cope"

Harpreet Singh, "Medication Errors in the Inpatient Setting"

Christie Traynor, "Effective Nursing Intervention for Patients Experiencing Pregnancy after Perinatal Loss"

Harriet Yeboah, "How to Better Equip Nurses to Address Issues of Sexuality"

Lindsay Kurtz '09

Lindsay Kurtz '09

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