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Nursing Senior Theses

Like the capstone on a well-built stone wall, senior thesis represents the capstone of four years of education at Hartwick. This year's seniors have shown the ability to form questions and search for the answers. This is an ability that will come into use many times during their nursing careers.

The following list of titles from the Class of 2014 and 2015 shows the depth and variety of interests that these students brought to their thesis class.

Sarah Alexander,  Exercise and pregnancy: What providers need to know

Suzanne AtkinsThe nurse's role in caring for adolescents with anorexia nervosa

Lindsay BenkoNurses' attitudes regarding fertility preservation among adolscent oncology patients

Rebecca BierhoffThe effects of music therapy on neonates feeding, vital signs, stress, and behavior

Lindsay BowkerThe nurse's role in providing care for the caregiver of lung cancer patients

Caruso, Deanna (RN),   Effects of transitional care on patient outcomes

Kelsey Chefelas,   Migraine prevention in the adolescent

Rebecca Clark,   Identifying effective complimentary nursing therapies to improve quality of life for adults with Parkinson's Disease

Kaitlyn CorialeTeens, texting, and sexual health

Ally Davis What intrapartal nurses need to know to provide intrapartum care to patients who have experienced sexual assault

Tristan Davis-FralickApplying sustainability to domestic humanitarian aid

Tristan Davis-Fralick Communication technology and the changing face of personal interactions

Carolyn Dudden,   Political participation of undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students

Kori EckertThe school nurse's role in prevention of childhood obesity

Hannah Estes,   Prevention of nurse burnout in emergency departments

Allison Ferullo (RN),    Psychological stress in post intensive care unit patients

Fayoke Fatade (RN),    Effectiveness of noise modification in reducing peri-operative complications

Jennifer Garlock (RN),   Promotion of culturally competent care of the lesbian couple in the maternity setting

Christopher Gardner,    Decreasing attrition rates in male nursing students

Alesha Germond,   The nurses role in the prevention of STIs in adolescents

Eily Glaner,   Seven days without exercise makes one weak: Promoting exercise in the elderly

Jenna HermanImproving the physical and psychological adjustments of burn victims peri-discharge

Megan Hotaling,   Treatment of psychiatric dual diagnoses

Emma Houghton  How do families respond to Alzheimer's diagnosis

Lindsey Huckabone (RN),   Implementing clinical practice guidelines to mitigate neonatal abstinence syndrome

Bridgit Hurst  Preventing poor emotional outcomes in the adult trauma patient

Ariel Kellum,   Prevention of hospital acquired infections

Megan Lawrence,   Patient satisfaction in centering pregnancy care versus traditional, individualized prenatal care

Megan LeFeber and Francesca Eisenhauer  Examination of LGBT health care issues in nursing curricula

Kassandra Lent,    Is your grandparent sad: Recognizing depression in the elderly

Kristina Loeffler (RN),   Effects of clinical pharmacists on medication errors in a medical-surgical inpatient setting

Brenda Ludwig,   Falling out of touch with safety

Vanessa Markham,    Nurses' role in reducing medication  use in patients with schizophrenia

Brielle Matthews,    Interventions to address attachment issues in newborns in the NICU setting

Robert Mele and Kiara Goldwag,    An exploratory study on nurse-to-nurse collaboration in baccalaureate prepared registered nurses

Alexa Melendez,   Practicing safe sex never gets old

Susan Menendez (RN),    Leaving the ICU: Safe transfer of the critical care patient

Marissa Migliore,    Who says it is the end of the road for elderly drivers

Clare Nelson,   Benefits of yoga in community-dwelling older adults

Edward Newman and Matthew Loignon,   The free prescription for the older adult

Brianna O'Keefe,    Mythbusters: The truth about the elderly

Jillian Price,    Adolescent pregnancy: A public health issue

Kaitlyn Rose,   Stretch your life span! Improving the health of the elderly with yoga

Ruby Roth,    Telehealth and congestive heart failure

Gabby Schreifels NICU nurses perceptions of open nursery versus single patient rooms

Kelly ShanleyWhat nurses' need to know about pediatric pain management

Molly Snelling,    Interprofessional collaboration in undergraduate nursing

Katie Spass,   Caring for the caregivers of cancer patients

Carrie Stein,    Preventing delerium in the geriatric ICU patient

Malesa Sumeersarnauth,   Preventing elder abuse in institutional settings

Felicia TraversOut of the closet and into the fire: Challenges of the elderly LGBT community

Kait Veit,    Moral distress in critical care nurses

Kristen Whitten,    Nurse fatigue

Danielle Wise,    What nurses' need to know to better care for the self-harming adolescent

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