Our Alumni

Here is a brief summary of what our alumni do after graduation.  The data represents alumni who have graduated from Hartwick during the past decade.

  • Many went on to graduate school, but not always in physics.  Graduate programs attended include physics, astronomy, chemistry, mechanical engineering, mathematics and an MBA program.
  • The graduate schools attended by Hartwick physics alumni include RPI, Cornell, University of Pittsburgh, Rochester Institute of Technology, New Mexico Tech, University of Georgia, and the New York State Universities at Albany and Buffalo.
  • Some of our graduates during the past decade have earned master's degrees,  four have earned doctorates and several are still in graduate school.
  • Physics alumni are employed in a variety of careers which includes teaching in high school, community college or four-year colleges, or working in industry at such places as the National Security Agency, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the U. S. Navy, Corning Glass and Epson Corporation. 
As you can see, about half of our graduates choose to continue their studies in graduate school, while the other half begin their careers immediately after graduation.  The skills you learn as a physics major provides a broad background which prepares you for either choice.