PhyswizPhysWiz is a collection of 37 computer programs that were written by faculty and students in the Physics Department at Hartwick. The programs cover a broad range of topics typically discussed in introductory physics courses. All are interactive to some degree. Most allow students to vary one or more parameters in a physical system and observe the resulting changes in the system. Many of the programs include animation which help to bring static textbook pictures to life.

PhysWiz covers a broad range of concepts from the Newton's laws of motion to topics in atomic and nuclear physics. There are 18 programs dealing with mechanics, 3 in the area of fluids and heat, 10 in electromagnetism, 4 in optics and 2 in modern physics

PhysWiz is currently being marketed by Physics Academic Software, North Carolina State University, Box 8202, Raleigh, NC 27690-0739.

For more information about PhysWiz, send e-mail to Dr. Hickey .