Connie Anderson

Photo: Dr. Anderson with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Alex Boraine, and Pumla Goboda of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Cape Town, January 1998

When I decided to leave Africa to bring my family back to the United States, I was offered professorships at various institutions. I chose Hartwick because of its small size and interdisciplinary emphasis. At a large research university, I would be restricted to teaching courses only in my speciality.The feeling of community here is also very important to me. I am happy with my choice! I have been fortunate enough to receive both the Sears Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award, given to fewer than 700 faculty members nationally, and the Margaret Bunn Award for Excellence in Teaching. All of my four children have attended Hartwick, as well.

Areas of Interest
African Cultures and Ecology
War, Racism, Conflict Resolution, and Alternative Systems of Justice
I spent 8 years in South Africa before coming to Hartwick, conducting research on conflict causes and prevention. I have returned to South Africa each year since the first democratic election in 1994, to continue my research. Since 1997, I have taken a class of Hartwick students to South Africa every year for the entire month of January.

Hartwick students are involved in this research in various ways, and they have been co-authors on a dozen publications for which they have collected data. Since 1995, virtually all of my more than 40 publications and 35 public presentations at conferences have included students as co-researchers and co-authors of papers published in the leading peer-reviewed professional journals. Current students are helping in projects on changes in families, on the results of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and on alternative justice systems. Many students complete internships in South Africa, and two are in graduate school there.

Afro-Caribbean Culture
I have led January Term courses to Jamaica as well, and I am fascinated by Ras Tafari in the Caribbean compared with liberation movements in Africa. Many students have extended their January Term experience by completing internships in Jamaica during the summer break.

Primate Behavior and Ecology
My Ph.D. research described group and family formation processes and relationships in baboons. I also investigate primate and Australopithecine paleontology under various postdoctoral grants.

B.A. and M.A. in Anthropology, Ohio State University
Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of California, Riverside

Contact Information
Dr. Anderson can be reached via e-mail at or by phone at 607-431-4861.