Anthropology Student Outcomes

Student Research

Kristen Lawrence '11 presented a paper, "The relationship between traditional and modern medicine in Uganda," at the New York African Studies Conference, Oneonta, NY.

Eryn Niblick co-presented a paper, "Teaching and working with students with disabilities in Higher Education: a phenomenological approach, " at the New York state Foundations of Education Conference, Rochester, NY.

Student Internships

Sam Capparelli '14 interned at the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute, Galicia, Spain,

Amanda Phelps '14 shadowed professional museum staff at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian and at the Museum of Natural History (2013).

Amanda Phelps '14 will intern (January 2014) at the Poplar Forest Archaeological and Historical Museum, Thomas Jefferson's summer home south of Monticello, VA.

Rachel Schwartzmann '13 is on the staff at the Denver Museum of Natural History, Denver, CO.

Lindsay Zweigenhaft '13 is working for a wildlife animal rescue NGO in South Africa.

Sarah Eppich '13 is teaching English in Japan.

Laureena Harris '13 interned with the Federal General Services Administration (GSA) in Washington, DC.

Valerie Herz '13 participated in an archaeological excavation in Poland in summer 2013 and is now on the staff working for Louis Berger Co, an archaeological consulting firm, at excavations across the eastern US.

Graduate/Professional School Placements

Jonathan Bruce '12 is enrolled in an MA program in Forensics at Boston University, Boston, MA.

Liz Celata '12 is enrolled in an MA program in Forensics at Bournemouth University, UK.

Desiree Fuller '12 is enrolled in an MA program in Museum Studies at the University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Stephanie Cadwell '12 is enrolled in an MA program in Museum Studies at George Washington University, Washington, DC.

Jennifer McArdle '09 is starting a Peace Corps program in Indonesia in March 2014 after completing a Masters program in International Studies from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.