Courses Offered

The coursework in the business administration program requires the extensive use of computer programs to perform analysis and make presentations. Many courses also include a computer simulation requiring you to run a business or some part of it. You will perform this work in competing student teams, supervised by our faculty. Here, you will learn the challenges of leading, making ethical decisions, communicating, and following. 

Core courses include:

  • BUSA 101: Introduction to Business
  • ACCO 101: Financial Accounting
  • BUSA 230: Organizational Behavior
  • BUSA 240: Marketing
  • BUSA 280: Finance
  • BUSA 480: Business Policy & Strategy

The work you will do in these courses is highly integrative—continually adding new knowledge to the skills and concepts you have learned in previous courses.

BUSA 101 Introduction to Business:  Introduction to the various functional areas of business, including marketing, finance, operations, organizational behavior, and strategy. Specific topics covered include basic financial analysis, forms of business 62 ownership, managerial decision making, and business ethics in a local, national, and international context. Includes a significant experiential learning component. No prerequisite. (4 credits)

ACCO 101 Financial Accounting:  Introduction to the financial information critical to decision-making for managers. This course includes reporting and interpreting: the financial position of the firm, the components of that position, the results of its operations, and its cash flows. Coverage includes accounting principles and concepts as well as models for financial analysis and ethical decision-making. This course is intended for Business Administration majors; potential Accounting majors or minors should take the ACCO 141/142 sequence instead. No prerequisites. (4 credits)

BUSA 230 Organizational Behavior: Explores the behavior of individuals and groups within the organizational context. Topics include decision-making, organizational culture, communication, group behavior, and change management. Prerequisite: at least a C in Introduction to Business. (3 credits)

BUSA 240 Marketing:  Students learn and apply basic marketing principles and statistical, financial and economic analyses to design and market products and services to meet customer needs and ultimately achieve target market share, revenue, and profit objectives. Prerequisite: at least a C in Introduction to Business. (3 credits)

BUSA 280 Finance:  Exploration of the interrelationship of risk and ethical strategic planning to financial value in a business environment. The sources, uses, and cost of capital are identified and investigated using quantitative analysis applied to financial information. Prerequisites: at least a C in Introduction to Business, and a C in Financial Accounting or successful completion of ACCO 142. (4 credits)

BUSA 480 Business Policy & Strategy:  Students take the role of top management of a complex, multinational organization. Students draw upon their experiences as managers in various functional areas to deal with the larger organizational issues of corporate strategy, policy formulation, values, and vision. Prerequisites: Marketing, Finance, Organizational Behavior. (3 credits)