• Hartwick students in China
  • Hartwick business students at Lenovo, China
  • Hartwick students in China
  • Professor Kolenda with Hartwick students in China

Study Abroad

We live in an essentially intercultural world, and the best way to understand our world is to experience other cultures face to face. At Hartwick, we get students out of the classroom and on location as early and as often as we can. Hartwick Business Students have gone to Romania, Thailand, New Zealand, China, Germany, and other countries on off-campus J-Term class programs.  Students have the opportunities to talk to entrepreneurs, business people, and citizens in other countries, being completely submerged in their culture for a number of weeks.  They attend meetings, seminars, tours, and gain first-hand experience in international business.

Students in Romania learned about the advances of Romanian culture after becoming free from a dictatorship in 1989, listening to political prisoner's heroic jail stories and entrepreneurs who paved the way for independent business after decades of governmental control. Others who chose to go abroad to China shadow practiced businesspersons in Beijing and Shanghai, thanks to Lenovo president Rory Read '83.  They also met with the founder of a nonprofit organization helping thousands of orphaned Chinese girls who were stranded by earthquakes.