Major Requirements

Requirements for the major: Minimum of 36 credits distributed as follows:

Five core courses in business administration:

  • BUSA 101 Introduction to Business
  • BUSA 230 Organizational Behavior
  • BUSA 240 Marketing
  • BUSA 280 Finance
  • BUSA 480 Business Policy & Strategy

One specified accounting course:

  • ACCO 101 Financial Accounting

One course in economics:

  • one ECON course of the student's choice from the ECON 101-102 (minimum 3 credits)

Four  300 or 400 level electives from ACCO, BUSA, FINA with a maximum of one course from ACCO and FINA

Suggested sequence of courses for students majoring in business administration:

Freshman Year

  • BUSA 101, ACCO 101, ECON 101 or 102

Sophomore Year

  • BUSA 230, 240,280

Junior Year

  • Electives

Senior Year

  • Electives, BUSA 480

Grades for courses taken in economics, business administration, and accounting that are required for the major are used to calculate the average in the major for departmental distinction.

Three-Year Degree Option:
For students majoring in business administration, Hartwick’s Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program is a unique opportunity to earn a degree in three years. For more information visit the Program Web site at