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Department Mission & Learning Outcomes

The Business Administration & Accounting Department strives to connect the classroom to the world by helping students become well-informed, thoughtful, and articulate members of and leaders in the business community and society-at-large.

We set goals for the department which are achieved through an appropriately broad-based curriculum that stresses both theory and application.  We are committed to finding new and creative ways to teach business and accounting concepts. The combination of these allow for the development of student abilities and promotion of student understanding.

In completion of the Business Administration program, graduates will demonstrate competency such that they can:

  1. Understand and apply theories from the various functional areas of business, and appreciate their complex inter-relationships.
  2. Analyze and synthesize business problems by actively building models and identifying the root causes of problems.
  3. Appreciate the dynamic and evolving global business environment, and apply specific tools and techniques to ensure success within it.
  4. Work effectively in teams as both leaders and followers.
  5. Identify, think critically about, and develop alternative solutions to ethical dilemmas in the business world.
  6. Use appropriate business technologies to analyze problems and present findings.
  7. Communicate the above via persuasive written and spoken English.