Finding a Job

How will I find a job? This is a question that may lurk menacingly in the background as you go through your education. Here, we hope to help you find a job in a field that will draw upon the skills and knowledge that you acquire as an economics major. In addition, Hartwick's Career Development and Education website provides excellent general job search information.

Visit the "Economics Alumni" page to see the range of careers pursued by former majors and minors. Individuals on this page who provide contact information have expressed a willingness to speak to you, our current students, about their own careers. Seek out their advice and assistance (and remember to provide us with contact information once you begin working so that you can do the same for the students who come after you!)

Visit the "Top Economic Jobs & Internships" page to gather information on top economic research companies. You'll find links to what each company does, internship information, job availability and much more.

Finally, we've created a "Job Search Timeline" that will guide you through your search for meaningful employment after graduation. This timeline provides guidance on what employment search tasks you should be doing at different times during your education. To see general job search engines provided by the college, go to "Job Search Links".