An internship is very important to your job search process, and the economics department recommends that all students pursue at least one internship during their course of study. Not only does an internship provide you with valuable "real world" experience that complements classroom learning, it also assists you in making crucial connections with professionals employed in your field of interest.

Most students have no idea how to being searching for an internship. Start by talking with your advisor and other professors in the Economics Department. Also, look at our Internship Timeline to see what steps you can take to get prepared. Hartwick already provides five internship search engines, but these engines are general and not specifically geared towards economics positions. In addition to the general search engine, we put together a list of top economics employers to which you can apply for an internship. Visit Top Economic Jobs & Internships to see the list and obtain contact information. Another good idea is to contact our Alumni and see what they have to say about your internship options. Finally, Melissa Marietta in the Office of Career Services (x4047) is an excellent resource.