Economics Faculty

Our faculty are particularly adept at teaching students to apply the principles and theories that serve as the foundation for understanding how markets work. More importantly, they emphasize the application of economics to a wide range of contemporary issues. Students and teachers in the department have a long tradition of working together to investigate questions and conduct joint research on issues of mutual interest. The faculty and curriculum work to prepare students for the dynamic thinking and collaborative problem-solving environments that characterize contemporary organizations. Learning in our department is socially interactive, where students and faculty gather often outside of class, whether it is to consider the themes of our discipline or to share a meal at one of our homes.

Your Economics Faculty Colleagues

Carli Ficano

Carli Cochi Ficano, Professor,

Ph.D., Cornell University

Areas of Focus: Labor economics, applied econometrics, social policy on low income family well-being, the economics of higher education and, most recently, local economic development. Click here for CV.


Kristin Jones

Kristin Jones, Associate Professor,

Ph.D., University of Connecticut at Storrs

Areas of Focus: Industrial organization, public economics, mathematical economics, environmental economics, law and economics, climate change policy, effects of liability on financial structure and policy approaches to environmental problems such as invasive species and brownfields.



Larry Malone

Larry Malone, Professor,

Ph.D., The New School for Social Research

Areas of Focus: See full bio




Karl Seeley

Karl Seeley, Associate Professor and Chair,

Ph.D., University of Washington

Areas of Focus: environmental economics and economic development, small-scale, sustainable farming and local food-supply issues. Click here for CV. See More.