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Major Requirements

Requirements for the Major in Economics:

Eleven courses, distributed as follows:

Two Introductory Topics courses:

  • 101 Topics in Microeconomics
  • 102 Topics in Macroeconomics

One course in mathematics, selected from Math 108 or Math 121 or any mathematics course at the 200 level.

Three core courses in economic theory:

  • 221 Microeconomic Theory
  • 222 Macroeconomic Theory
  • 223 Econometrics

A Senior Seminar and Thesis: 490 Senior Seminar and Thesis

Four additional courses from among economics 300- or 400- level offerings, FINA 360 Finance Investment Analysis and FINA 381 Finance Financial Institutions. One three credit internship in economics may count toward this requirement.

View course descriptions for a more detailed look at the department's offerings.

Three-Year Degree Option:
For students majoring in economics, Hartwick’s Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program is a unique opportunity to earn a degree in three years. For more information visit the Program Web site at www.hartwick.edu/threeyeardegree.