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Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Minor in Economics:

Seven courses, distributed as follows:

Two Introductory Topics courses:

  • 101 Topics in Microeconomics
  • 102 Topics in Macroeconomics

One course in mathematics, selected from Math 108 or Math 121 or any mathematics course at the 200 level.

Two core courses in economic theory:

  • 221 Microeconomic Theory
  • 222 Macroeconomic Theory

Two additional courses from among economics 300 or 400 level offerings, FINA 360 Finance Investment Analysis and FINA 381 Finance Financial Institutions. One three credit internship in economics may count toward this requirement.

Requirements for a Minor in Environmental Science and Policy Program:

Recommended courses for economics majors as part of their major requirements:

  • 318 Environmental Economics (Econ)
  • 315 Economics of Government Policy (Econ)

View complete ES&P course requirements here.

Grades for courses taken in economics that are required for the major are used to calculate the average in the major for departmental distinction honors.

View course descriptions for a more detailed look at the department's offerings.