Student Biographies

Jonathan Alger
Jonathan declared his economics major his freshman year. In the spring of his sophomore year he declared his math minor. Jonathan’s interests are financial markets pertaining to the mortgage industry and also micro-economic theory. Jonathan completed an internship with Guardhill Financial, a luxury mortgage broker during the month of January 2008.
Daniel Buehrens
Daniel declared as an economics major during the fall of his freshman year and  accelerated through the curriculum. As a double minor in math and political science his interests included game theory and econometric modeling with respect to public policy. During his junior year, he developed an interest in studying financial markets and completed an internship at The Bank of New York Mellon. His long term goals include working with socially responsible investing and public policy surrounding sustainability.
Daniel Dimant
Dan entered Hartwick undeclared, and after taking a number of Economics courses to fulfill the core liberal arts requirement, he decided he had found his major and declared Economics during the spring of his first year at Hartwick. Soon after he added Business Administration to the mix as a sophomore choosing to become a double major. His many endeavors on the Hartwick campus included an economic impact study of the Ricky J. Parisian Pit Run in Oneonta.
Daniel Parisian
Dan entered Hartwick as a declared math major. After taking Market Success and Failure in his Fall Semester and Illegal Behavior in the Spring, Dan knew that Economics was the way he wanted to apply his math ability. He declared economics as his second major during his sophomore year. His work at Hartwick included studies of three local baseball camps in Otsego County, NY and the impact of the Pit Run on the Oneonta economy.
Adam Randall