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What Our Graduates Say

How well did the Hartwick Education Program prepare you for teaching?

"The Hartwick College Teacher Education Program required many firsthand classroom experiences and these experiences paired with college classroom discussions had a large impact on my preparation for teaching. The program was very good at exposing me to theories and philosophies of teaching, but also ideas and strategies to potentially implement in my classroom. "
Jen (Button) Taylor, Social Studies Teacher,  HC'06

"The Hartwick program prepared me by being very realistic. It wasn't a program that set teaching out to be an easy profession full of smiles and sunshine. Through our readings (McLaren and bell hooks come to mind), we were faced with the realities of teaching and the different situations we might have to face when the time came."
Heather Liggett, Mathematics Teacher, HC'06

Can you characterize your relationship with education professors both in and out of classes?

"The relationships I built with my education professors were much different than any of those that I built with professors of other departments on campus. The education program provided me support and a comfortable learning environment in many different ways, which impacted my relationships with my education professors. My education professors were available to me in every aspect of my career as a student; they were always available for me to go to them for extra help on assignments or for needed advice. Since graduating and beginning my career, the education professors have remained an integral part of my life as a teacher. The relationships that I was able to build with these professors were vital to my success as a student at Hartwick and in my career as a teacher. "
Jen (Button) Taylor, Social Studies Teacher, HC'06

Education professors are unique in that they realize what they need to do in order to get their students to succeed instead of just worrying about getting through the "material" as some other professors may do. This came across in the classroom through our in-depth discussions on current issues in the educational world. Outside of class, education students know that they can go and "bother" their professors about anything, be it education-related, a concern about another class, or just to talk.
Heather Liggett, Mathematics Teacher, HC'06

What, in your opinion, was the best thing about the education department and your preparation?

One of the best things about the program was the challenge and rigor that it presented me as a student. As a student, I sometimes got frustrated and stressed because of the difficulty and amount of work that the program presented to me. However, now that I am teaching, I understand why the program was so rigorous and why the expectations for each of the education students was so high. I can proudly say that I feel the program did an exceptional job of preparing me and I am thankful that I was challenged and forced to work as hard as I was. The program did a much better job of preparing me than some of the programs of my current colleagues.
Jen (Button) Taylor,  Social Studies Teacher, HC'06

"I had a great experience in the education program because it really allowed me to be able to discuss issues in education of which I was not aware (living in a suburban middle-class school district my whole life). Also, I always felt encouraged to go out into the field and get to experience the things that we discussed in class. Through Hartwick's placements, I worked in schools that I would not have picked out for myself and loved every minute of it! Also, because of Hartwick's reputation, I was able to secure a long-term substitute teaching position with the Walton Middle School before I had graduated. While I was teaching there, I knew that if there were any questions or concerns I had, I could've gone right back to my professors at Hartwick.

It is clear through the general atmosphere of the education department and how the classes are run that the philosophy of the education department is centered on student success. I always felt supported through the education department, but it was also a rigorous program. After getting through the first few classes, I think the real education students realize that this program is really preparing us to face the challenges that are present in the everyday lives of teachers."
Heather Liggett, Mathematics Teacher, HC'06