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Curriculum Vitae

Mark R. Davies
304 Clark Hall
Oneonta, NY 13820
Email: daviesm@hartwick.edu


RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, New Brunswick, New Jersey   
 Doctorate in Education: Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education      May, 2002
 Concentration: Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, History of Education
 Doctoral Level GPA: 4.0/4.0
 Earned the Graduate Law School Fellowship Award (Highest award for academic merit; full tuition)
 Dissertation Title: Cultural Politics and Hegemonic Citizenship within the Standards
  Dissertation Committee: Dr. James Giarelli, Chairperson, Rutgers University
      Dr. Dave Muschinske, Rutgers University
      Dr. Wendy Kohli, Fairfield University

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, New Brunswick, New Jersey      
     Masters of Education  May, 1994
 Concentration: Social Studies Education
 Certifications: New Jersey Social Studies Permanent Teaching Certification
             New Jersey Psychology Permanent Teaching Certification
STOCKTON STATE COLLEGE, Pomona, New Jersey          
             Bachelors of Arts Degree: Liberal Arts  May, 1989
 Concentration: Social Studies (History/Sociology/Political Science), Psychology, Literature
 Thesis: Self, Society and Creativity: A Jungian Analysis of Identity and Society in Literature.

 Associate Professor, Education Department         September 2008 - Present
 Department Chair         June 2006 – Present
 Co-Chair, Education Department       June 2005 – May 2006
 Assistant Professor, Education Department      September 2002 – August 2008


 Book Chapters:
• “Curriculum for [dis]Empowerment: Uncovering Hegemony within the New Jersey Social Studies Curriculum Framework” in Six Lenses for Anti-Oppressive Education: Partial Stories, Improbable Conversations, Edited by Kevin K. Kumashiro and Bic Ngo, in the Joe Kincheloe’s Counterpoints: Series in the Postmodern Context of Education,  Peter Lang Publishers. April, 2007.
• “Unearthing Hidden Curriculums: Silence, Polices, and Practice” with Holmes, Gloria and Hirsch, Judi in Six Lenses for Anti-Oppressive Education: Partial Stories, Improbable Conversations, Edited by Kevin K. Kumashiro and Bic Ngo, in Joe Kincheloe’s Counterpoints: Series in the Postmodern Context of Education, Peter Lang Publishers.  April, 2007.

Accreditation Reports:
•  “Hartwick College Teacher Education Accreditation Council Brief” accepted for TEAC audit in August 2005.

Newspaper Column:
• Monthly columnist on sustainability for Oneonta Today online newspaper. Summer 2009-present

• Natural Wisdom: Reshaping and Strengthening Our Regard for Nature, under review by Milkweed Editions, January, 2011.


• “(Dis)Empowering Standards:  Hegemony as the Standard within the New Jersey Social Studies Curriculum Framework” presented at the International Conference of Teacher Education and Social Justice, San Francisco, CA. June 2003.


• “Justice and Sustainability for All Our Kin: Exposing the Costs of Consumer Choice” at the American Educational Studies Association annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA, November, 6, 2009.
• “Pseudo-Choices and Sustainable Practices: Actively Moving Towards Social and Environmental Justice” presented at the New York State Foundations of Education Association Annual Conference in Albany, NY, March, 2009.
• “Developing a Critical Pedagogy of Place as the Catalyst for Community Relocalization in the Peak Oil Era.” at the American Educational Studies Association annual conference in Cleveland, OH, October 24, 2007.
• “Life After Oil: Relocalization in the Peak Oil Era” presented at the Hartwick College Faculty Lecture Series, February, 2008.
• “Critical Place-Based Pedagogy: A Curriculum for Social Justice in Rural, Urban and Suburban Schools” presented at the Conference on Social Justice, Pomona, NJ, April 2007.
• “Critical Place-Based Education: Undermining the NeoCon Agenda in the Peak Oil Era” presented at the New York State Foundations of Education Association annual conference in Buffalo, NY, March, 2007.
• “From Self-Depreciation to Social Transformation: Creating Space to Critique the Impact of Class on Students” presented the “How Class Works 2006 Conference” in Stony Brook, NY, June 2006.
• “Unveiling the Matrix: Seeing for the First Time in Pre-Service Teacher Education” presented at the American Educational Studies Association annual conference in Kansas City, Missouri, Nov. 2004.
• “Unlocking Internal Hegemonic Boxes: Reconceptualizing Teacher Education and Teaching in a Time of   Democratic Crisis” presented at the New York State Foundations of Education Association Albany, NY April, 2003.


• “Mediating Conflicts in the Classroom” for the Catskills Regional Teachers Center, January 2007.
• “Lessons Not Learned in School” Hartwick College baccalaureate address, May 2006.
• “Disempowering Standards”, Hartwick College’s Faculty Lecture Series.  September 2004.
• “Career Path and Directions for Pre-service Teachers”, SUNY Oneonta,  May 2004.
• “Mediating Inter-group Conflicts” at the Leadership Conference, Hartwick College April 2004
• “Hegemony as seen through the Matrix”, SUNY Oneonta, March 2004.
• “Building a Peer Mediation Program” Milford Central School, Milford, NY, November 2003.
• “Building a Peer Mediation Program” Worcester Central School, Worcester, NY, October 2003.
• “Mediating Group Conflicts” at the Leadership Conference, Hartwick College November 2002.
• “Mediating Conflicts within the Classroom” for the Catskills Regional Teachers Center, Oct.  2002.

Hartwick Courses taught:

Curriculum and Instruction
• Utilize a foundations perspective to examine curriculum.
• Examine the socio-political context of America schooling.
• Expose students to critical pedagogy and place-based education as curricular frameworks.
• Facilitate interdisciplinary lesson planning and curriculum development.
• Explore issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability within curriculum.
• Examine the use of critical pedagogy of place pedagogical techniques

Methods of Social Studies Teaching
• Explore theories, techniques and methods for social studies educators. 
• Examine techniques utilizing a critical perspective and place-based education.
• Set-up mini-practicum experiences for students with local social studies teachers.
• Examine multiple techniques for interactive and engaging lessons including: multiple intelligences, grouping techniques, web quests and other media based lessons, role playing, historical simulations, Smartboard use, critical thinking and critical analysis.

America’s Oil Addiction (Contemporary Issues Seminar)
• Examine and critique the impact of oil on American culture and society.
• Examine the complexities of oil production and the impact on global and local economic markets.
• Analyze the depth and breadth of oil dependency and usage in America including food production.
• Analyze and critique alternative strategies to oil dependency including relocalization, energy alternatives, personal and professional conservation and other energy independent strategies.
• Educate the public about our oil addiction and possible ramifications.
Contemporary Education in American Society: Cultural Politics and Identity (First Year Seminar)
• Pilot program for First Year Seminar courses.  (Instructor advises all students.)
• Examine the creation of personal and cultural identity through the examination of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and preference, and ableism.
• Facilitate “Community Mapping” project to develop understanding of Oneonta community.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment
• Expose students to alternative “classroom management” strategies.
• Train class in mediation techniques for implementation and use within the class.
• Examine democratic conceptions of classroom education.
• Analyze community-building techniques for public education.

Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
• Examine various philosophical views and the impact of this thinking on education.
• Analyze race, class and gender dimensions within schooling to provide students with an understanding of the sociological foundations of schools.


• Wrote Special Education Program Proposal for NYSED.  Program approved April, 2008.
• Conducted four successful searches for tenure lines in Foundations, Literacy and Childhood Education and Special Education. (2005, two lines; 2007, literacy; 2008, childhood, 2009, special education).
• Developed a portfolio review program for students in their junior year.
• Create annual department budget and maintain budget allocations.
• Create department course schedule for five full time faculty and six adjunct faculty.
• Developed a system for adjunct faculty review and faculty performance/teaching review.
• Wrote TEAC accreditation proposal for national accreditation (gained 5 year accreditation January 2007).
• Wrote successful proposal to the state for curricular changes in literacy.
• Wrote Art Education Proposal which was accepted by the NYS Department of Education.
• Wrote proposal to include three education courses as Hartwick general liberal arts courses.
• Coordinated J-term trip for several students to the Wounded Knee District School, Pine Ridge, SD.


• Sustainability Studies Major Steering Committee   Fall 2009 – Present
- Designed proposed Sustainability Studies Major
•  Academic Theme Committee
- Facilitated  annual academic theme:  Energy in 2009-2010 and Climate Change in 2007-2008
• Pine Lake Task Force    Spring 2009 – Winter 2010
- Participated in the study of the Pine Lake Environmental Campus
• Pluralism Advisory Committee   Spring 2002- Spring 2007
- Co-authored Hartwick’s Diversity Statement.
- Organized and Facilitated trip to Abyssinian Baptist Church and Sylvia’s in Harlem, NY.
- Organized panel forum on urban education (2005).
- Assisted in organization of the 2004-2005 academic year diversity theme.
• Community Relations Committee  Spring 2004-Spring 2008
- Authored Hartwick’s Civic Engagement Mission Statement.
- Assisted in steering Hartwick’s community engagement and involvement.
• Faculty Interviewing Committee  Fall 2002- May 2005
 -     Interviewed candidates forten faculty searches.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
• Campus Security Committee  Winter 2004- May 2006
- Assisted in a thorough campus assessment to determine security hazards and weaknesses.
- Assisted in the development of a campus security report to President Miller.
• Vice Chair of the Social and Behavioral Division  Fall 2003 – May 2007
- Representative for the Division for the Freedman Prize judging  Spring 2004, Fall 2006
- Reviewed three plagiarism appeal cases representing the division.  Winter 2004, 2005, 2006.
• Teacher Education Committee  Fall 2002- Spring 2008
• Student Senate Advisor   January 2002 – May 2005
• Faculty Development Committee  Fall 2004- May 2005
• ISP Committee  Fall 2004 – May 2005
• Education Club Advisor  September 2006 - 2008


• Treasurer of Board of Directors for the Otsego County Conservation Association (OCCA) which promotes the conservation and protection of the natural resources of Otsego County, New York. (2009-present)
• Mayoral appointment to chair Oneonta City’s Sustainability Committee.  Authored the Oneonta 2030 Sustainability Vision Statement and Planning Document.  (Fall, 2007- present)
• Frequent contributor to the New Franklin Register a paper dedicated to making Franklin, NY more sustainable and less dependent on fossil fuels.
• Advised Congressman Michael Arcuri on local problems related to energy decline and issues of sustainability (Spring – Summer 2008).
• Advised Mr. Tomko head of NYSERDA about energy decline issues and local responses (Fall 2007).
• Vice President of Board of Directors for the Oneonta Teen Center (2006-present) which serves approximately 500 students annually.  Fundraising coordinator and Skate park and skate contest coordinator
• Organize, promote and run the Summerfest Skate Jam an annual skateboarding contest and professional skateboard exhibition for local youth with over 50 contestants each year. (2006-Present)
• Member of Chenango, Delaware, Otsego Gas Group (CDOG) a grassroots activism group formed to stop natural gas drilling in the three counties. (2009 – present)
• Member of Otsego County Gas Group a grassroots activist group formed to stop natural gas drilling in Otsego County, New York. (2008 – present)
• Founding Member Healthy Communities Campaign which promotes sustainable values and environmental stewardship within communities. (2008 – present)
• Founding member of the Environmental Work Group which focuses on developing localization strategies to improve CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming and work to mitigate Peak Oil. (2007 – present)
• Co-Organizer of Oneonta’s Step It Up climate change day of action. (2007 and 2008)
• Lobbied for the development of Peer Mediation Programs in Worcester Central School and Milford Central School by meeting with administration and teachers on a number of occasions.
• Trained staff and students at Sidney Middle School, Worcester Central School and Milford Central School in peer mediation and conflict resolution program development.
• Oneonta Youth Soccer head coach for fall and spring seasons (2002-present).
• Coordinate clothing and gift donations to the Lakota Sioux of the Pine Ridge Reservation.


• Critical Pedagogy of Place
• Eco-Justice
• The impact of hegemonic values on marginalized groups.
• Pedagogical practices for social change and student empowerment.
• Peak Oil/Relocalization.
• Energy and Sustainability


• American Educational Studies Association
• Middle Atlantic States Philosophy of Education Society
• American Educational Research Association
• New York State Foundations of Education Association (Membership Coordinator, 2009-present)



Howell High School: Freehold Regional High School District, Englishtown, NJ   
 Social Studies Instructor    September 1994 – June 2002

Courses Taught:     
• Taught conflict mediation skills, one-on-one counseling skills, group counseling skills. 
• Developed school wide peer mediation program and peer counseling program.
• Implemented a referral process used by staff, students and administrators.
• Instructed teaching staff on peer mediations and conflict resolution during staff in-service.
• Facilitated mediation orientation workshop for new peer leaders.
• Oversaw 60+ mediations yearly, 30+ weekly discussion groups and 20+ counseling relationships.
• Trained staff members as mediation monitors and peer group teacher leaders.
• Taught various academic levels (including inclusive education) in both subjects. 
• Integrated varied teaching methods to address multiple intelligence within the class.
• Developed the concept of active democracy throughout the course by encouraging civic participation.
• Utilized various projects which seek to bring history to life and encourage understanding.
• Developed a course which focused on historical inequality and various atrocities.
• Encouraged active learning through interactive projects which recreated historical events.
• Developed a web page to encourage student learning.
• Used multimedia approach to facilitate discussions, develop historical context and build understanding, including web quests, internet searches, my personal web page and power point.
• Examined first person accounts to place events in historical context for use in discussing history.

• Taught to a diverse academic population within the same class. 
• Presented a broad view of the field of psychology with emphasis on the psychoanalytic approach.
• Utilized various projects to develop self awareness and communication among students.
• Developed positive environment which encouraged the growth of self esteem.

• Nominated for the Walt Disney Teacher of the Year Award (2002).
• Recipient of the Governor’s Teacher Recognition Award for outstanding teaching (2000).
• Howell High School Teacher of the Year (2000).
• Nominee for the Princeton Prize for Distinguished Secondary School Teaching (2000).
• Voted Favorite Teacher by the Senior Class for six years (1995-2002).
• Included in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (1998-2006).


• Developed Psychology I, Psychology II, and Peer Leadership curriculum. 
• Conducted several in-service workshops for entire teaching staff (150 teachers); 
      Topics included:
  - peer mediation program training
  - teaching methods for “at-risk” students
  - conflict resolution strategies for the classroom
  - implementing teaching strategies for multiple intelligences
• Developed and implemented school wide peer mediation and counseling program which was used
         extensively by administration and staff.
• Developed peer mediation program used by Howell Middle School and trained the instructors and  
       coordinators for the program.
• Middle States Steering Committee:
  - Advised and coordinated various committees during Middle States self-evaluation.
  - Wrote school philosophy and mission statement for Middle States.
• Teaching mentor for three first-year teachers.
  - Observed teaching strategies, and worked with teachers to make improvements.


• Amnesty International Group at Howell High School - 6 years
• Forensics - 2 years
• Nationalities of the World - 2 years
• Howell High School Surf Club 2 years


USA CYCLING One Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO   April 1994 - January 1998
Eastern Regional Coach (Track) January, 1996 -  January, 1998
Eastern Regional Assistant Coach (Road) April, 1994 – January, 1998
• USA Cycling Expert Coach of the Year, 1996
• USA Cycling Olympic Preparation Coach, 1996
• Coached and managed USA Cycling National Team at the Pan-American Cycling Championships,  
        Barcelona, Venezuela, 1996. (The total medals won is still a record in international competition.)
• Coach of the gold medal winning team at the 1995 U.S. Olympic Festival Boulder, CO.
• Coach of the gold medal winning team at the 1996 Lance Armstrong National Finals (Track and Road).
• Designed and conducted USA Cycling Coaching Development training workshops throughout the U.S.
• Wrote coaching manual for Olympic preparation athletes on Eastern Regional Team 1995, 1996, 1997.
• Coached several athletes to National Championship victories.
• Developed and coached several National Team athletes, and European and domestic professionals.
• Acted as emergency translator during Pan-American Championships in Venezuela.

USA Cycling sponsored racer from 1989-2002.
• Winner of the South Jersey Classic Pro/Am Road Race 1998 and 2000.
• 4th Place in the Regional Finals Critierium, New Jersey 2000.
• 9th Place in the Branchbrook Professional Road Race, 1998
• Over 50 top 10 finishes in professional and amateur races throughout the United States 1989 - 2001.