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Our Mission & Accreditation

Our Mission

Our program trains educators who are committed and actively engaged in social change. The program is selective, as we aspire to train future leaders in education. Students are expected to maintain an excellent academic record, demonstrate a commitment to social justice, be passionate about teaching, exhibit leadership qualities, and possess high moral standards.

The Department aspires to prepare teachers who:

  • Demonstrate competency in their chosen subject area and have mastered their content area.
  • Possess skills for critical, reflective thinking and knowledge of the social, political, cultural, psychological, philosophical, and moral dimensions of teaching.
  • Utilize varied teaching techniques and have acquired the skills and abilities for competent teaching.
  • Receive a broad, interdisciplinary liberal arts education that provides the foundation for competent teaching.
  • Are prepared to teach in diverse educational settings and to a diverse population of students.
  • Demonstrate a disposition toward lifelong learning.
  • Demonstrate technological skills and possess technological competency that will aid them in teaching.
  • Believe in the right of every student to receive an equal education and are committed to accommodating students’ full range of abilities.

Hartwick College's Teacher Education Program is a CAEP accredited program.