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Special Education Program Requirements

Admission into the Teacher Education Program
Admission into the Teacher Education Program requires a formal application at the completion of the core education courses (EDUC 220, 304, 320, 371), which will be reviewed by Department Faculty. Successful applicants must demonstrate a commitment to education and academics, and possess academic and professional integrity.

Specific academic criteria that are used for admission into the program include:

  • a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75;
  • a minimum GPA of 3.0 in core Education courses (EDUC 220, 304, 320, 371);
  • no grade in Education courses of less than C (courses can be taken only twice and extenuating circumstances must be petitioned to the department);
  • no grade in any content (major), LaIP or education course of less than C;
  • a review of student’s Application for Admission into HCTEP by Department of Education.

Students who meet most of the criteria but fall below in some areas may be placed on academic probation by the Department of Education and will have one semester to show growth toward the minimum requirements.

We seek students with diverse interests and experiences, with a passion for the content subject matter, with a clear academic orientation, and with demonstrated or potential leadership ability.

Requirements for Continuance in the Program
Maintain high academic standing while in the program

In order to be in good standing within the program all HCTEP students must:

  • maintain a 3.0 GPA in Education courses;
  • maintain a 3.0 GPA in major courses;
  • maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 (or showing steady improvement toward a 3.0);
  • not earn a grade below a C in any content (major), LaIP or education course (NYSED rules);
  • be actively working toward 100 hours of early field experience.

Any student who fails to maintain a high academic standing required for continuation within the program will be placed on probation. The Education Faculty will meet and discuss the academic record of the student and will make recommendations for improvement. Students who have been placed on probation will be notified in writing by the Department Chair. Each probationary student will meet with a member of the Department of Education Faculty to identify academic weaknesses and create an academic plan to address these weaknesses. Probationary students will have one year to correct their academic weakness. Students who fail to correct the academic weakness will be removed from the program and will not be eligible for student teaching.

Teacher education general information sessions are held frequently throughout the year. To attend one, or to receive more detailed information on your options for the Education Program, contact the Department Chair, Johanna Mitchell: 313 Clark Hall, 607-431-4297, or the Coordinator of Student Teaching and Field Experience, Jennifer Brislin: 314 Clark Hall, 607-431-4841 brislinj@hartwick.edu.