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History Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff of the Department of History are committed to providing a solid foundation for continued learning through the program's courses and research requirements and unique opportunities for interdisciplinary study.

Full-Time Faculty

Vicki Howard, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin. howardv@hartwick.edu
Teaching Areas: U.S. Business History; Gender and U.S. Women's History; Twentieth-century U.S. Social and Cultural History.

Cherilyn Lacy, Professor, Ph.D., University of Chicago. lacyc@hartwick.edu
Teaching Areas: Modern European History; Modern French History; History of Medicine and Public Health; Europe and the World Wars; European Imperialism; Women in Modern European History; The Indian Ocean World, 1300-1800.

Mieko Nishida, Professor, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. nishidam@hartwick.edu
Teaching Areas: Colonial and Modern Latin American History; Slavery, Revolutions, and Gender and Power in Latin America; History of Brazil.

Edythe Ann Quinn, Professor, Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville. quinne@hartwick.edu
Teaching Areas: Modern American History; Environmental History; Race and Ethnicity; African-Americans in the North; U.S. Civil Rights Movement; The 1960s; Vietnam; The U.S. After the Bomb; U.S. Foreign Policy; World War II on the Home Front; Women in American Health Care.

Peter G. Wallace, Professor, Ph.D., University of Oregon. wallacep@hartwick.edu
Teaching Areas: Reformation Europe 1450-1600; Medieval Europe; Early Modern Europe; The Renaissance; History of Republican and Imperial Rome; Enlightenment and Revolution; Modern East Asia.

Related Faculty and Staff

Harry Bradshaw Matthews, Associate Dean and Director, Office of Intercultural Affairs, and Founding President, USCT Institute for Local History and Family Research, M.A., Northern Michigan University. matthewsh@hartwick.edu
Areas of specialization: African-Americans of the Civil War through World War II, Family History Research, Anti-slavery Movement and the Underground Railroad.