Edythe Ann Quinn

Areas of Interest
Twentieth-century U.S. History
African-American History
American Environmental History
American Women's History
History of American Immigrant and Ethnic Communities
Interdisciplinary Analyses of Breast Cancer in U.S. Society

B.S., Regents College
M.A., Lehman College, CUNY
Ph.D., University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Honors & Promotions
Dewar [Research] Professor of History
Effective Fall 2010, Professor of History
Hartwick Women’s History Month Award, Spring 2009

Contact Information
Department of History
Hartwick College
Golisano Hall
Oneonta, New York 13820
Phone: 607-431-4883
Fax: 607-431-4351
Email: quinne@hartwick.edu
Personal Web page

Healing Tools for Life with Professor of History Edythe Ann Quinn
Presented as part of Annual Campus Theme (2012-13), November 14, 2012:
Quinn introduces her own healing tools: a ritual, "Thanking, Forgiving, and Releasing," and an art therapy project, "Healing a Scar: Creating a Life Line" in video clips below. She sets up these healing tools in both her personal context and in her experiences working with students in courses and community members in workshops. Quinn uses her ritual as a framework for healing modalities in workshops and courses offered at the Breast Cancer Center, SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital, Syracuse, her Women in American Health Care seminar at Hartwick College, and the Hartwick-Bassett RN Mobility Program. Presentation video clips presented below are in fifteen minute segments. For additional, close-up views of the original, art therapy project, please go to Edie's "Personal web page" [home page]. Choose "Photo Gallery," then Breastworks Exhibit - "Healing a Mastectomy Scar, Creating a Life Line." Enter the Exhibit and click on individual images (e.g., Exhibit 1) for each project and caption. For copies of the healing materials, please email Edie at: quinne@hartwick.edu and specify which set(s) of materials you wish.

Healing Tools for Life Video Clips:
Part I