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History Senior Theses

A Selection of Recent Scholarship By Our Majors

The history department is proud of its student scholars. Each history major culminates her or his studies with a senior thesis, a substanial achievement that involves original research with primary source documents to produce the student's own argument, or thesis, about a past event or subject of interest. As seen below, senior theses address a wide range of interests, showing the diversity of student scholarship.

Thanksgiving and the Evolution of the Holiday Shopping Season - Carly Drislane '15

Warriors in the Armed Forces: American Indian and White Perspectives on Military Service in World War I - Jordan Kortright '15

"Long Live Freedom": The White Rose Resistance in Nazi Germany - Rhianna Blake '15

Something Old, Something New: The Creation of the White Wedding and Modern Bride - Caihlan Snyder '16

Jewish Art as Resistance: Charlotte Salomon, Leo Haas, and Esther Lurie - Mackenzie Hubner '15

The Early Automobile Industry - Scott Sorbella

The Nahua Through the Florentine Codex: Religion and Rulers in Central Mexico after the Conquest - Melvin Kerstetter '15

Two Great Widows of Renaissance Florence - Neida Rodriguez '15

Personality and Bureaucracy as Factors in the Failure of the Bay of Pigs - Lisa Littleton '15