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History Senior Theses

A Selection of Recent Scholarship By Our Majors

The history department is proud of its student scholars. Each history major culminates her or his studies with a senior thesis, a substanial achievement that involves original research with primary source documents to produce the student's own argument, or thesis, about a past event or subject of interest. As seen below, senior theses address a wide range of interests, showing the diversity of student scholarship.

The Student Movement of the 1930s: The Impact and Role Hartwick College Embodies as Students Found Their Voice Nationally, by Matthew Bennett

Italy's Place in the Abyssinian Sun: Italian Public Works Projects and their Continuation of Ethiopia's Modernity, by Matthew Bigelow

Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Catholic Church, by Amanda Brinzow

Ralph Josselin: A Case Study in 17th-century English Providentialism, by Kalyn Brunetta

A New American Nationalism, by John Camponeschi

The Image of Nero, by John Cornicello

A Cardboard Castro: The American Castro as Seen Through Printed Media in the United States, 1957-1959, by Chase Du Pont

Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation, by William Hall Fike

The Twenty-sixth Amendment: Answering the Demand for Youth Enfranchisement, or a Solution to a Congressional Legislative, by Caitlin Gravell

The Battle of the Bulge: How Veterans Remember It, by Daniel Hushion

The Importance of Japan for Containment during the Cold War, by Phil Kane

Journeymen Tailors and the Transition of Artisan Life in Nineteenth-century Philadelphia, by Ashley Kern

Foreign Involvement in the Democratic Republic of the Congo During the Transitional Period, 1959-1964, by Cynthia Oldfield

Birmingham, Alabama as a Cold War Battlefield, by Cynthia Oldfield

A Discarded Population: Los Braceros, 1942-1964, by Brittany Rotzler

The Power of Knowledge: Black Literacy in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-century Slave Narratives, by Zachary Sanzone

The Office of First Lady: An Evolving Institution or a Projection of Traditional Gender Roles in a Liberating Society, by Emily Squires

Constructing Perfection in an Imperfect Society: A Study of Eugenic Sterilization in America and the Fear of the Dangerous, Feebleminded Woman, by Valerie Torres

A Call Upon Brothers: Andrew Jackson and Paternalistic Speech Towards the Cherokee, by Craig Vitale

Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Transnational Guerrilla Revolution, by Christopher Weikel

The history department thanks Saxton Fellow Amanda Brinzow ('08), who compiled this list of recent senior theses.