• 2008 Presidential Primary Debate Party.
  • Political science majors to attend law school.
  • Adam Doboze presentation during Community of Scholars Showcase May 2008.
  • Political science major Meghan Kelsey with Representative Maurice Hinchey of NY's 22nd Congressional District.

Political Science Major Requirements

Requirements for the major:

Minimum of 34 credits (12 courses) in Political Science, distributed as follows:

  • 101 U.S. Government and Politics; or 107 Freedom, Equality, and Power
  • 105 International Relations; or 108 Intro to Comparative Politics
  • 209 Political Science Research Methods
  • 489 Senior Thesis Methods (must be taken the same semester as 490)
  • 490 Senior Thesis
  • Seven additional courses in the discipline, including at least three classroom courses at the 300 level.

The department encourages all majors to acquire a broad exposure to the discipline by sampling courses in all four of the principal areas of study. A model program would include at least one course above the 100 level from each of the following areas:

(A) U.S. Politics
(B) International Relations
(C) Comparative Politics
(D) Political Theory

This model is required for departmental distinction.

To graduate with distinction in Political Science students must:

  • Have a Political Science major GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have taken at least one class beyond the 100-level in each of the four sub-fields of Political Science
  • Receive an A- or higher in POSC 490: Senior Thesis.

Normally, the department will accept no more than three transferred Political Science courses (up to the equivalent of 9 Hartwick credits) toward the Hartwick College Political Science major.

All political science majors defend their thesis before an audience of students and departmental faculty. Feel free to view examples and titles of senior thesis projects.

For students majoring in political science, Hartwick’s Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program is a unique opportunity to earn a degree in three years. For more information visit the Program Web site at www.hartwick.edu/threeyeardegree.