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Political Science Senior Thesis

All political science majors at Hartwick are required to complete a senior thesis. While researching and writing their thesis, students work closely with their faculty thesis advisor, usually meeting once a week. In addition to individual direction offered by the thesis advisor, there are a number of opportunities, during the thesis class, for group discussions and consultations with the department faculty as a whole. The final research paper is submitted to the faculty and then defended in an oral presentation.

Every year the department recognizes outstanding theses by nominating them for the Mehri Best Senior Thesis Award. We encourage you to take a look at the Thesis Award Winners from the past couple of years. In order to do so you must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of the software, click here.

The 2015 Mehri Best Thesis Winner:

Alaina Shires '15
Can Gun Policy Alleviate Mass Shootings?

The 2014 Mehri Best Thesis Winner:

Alyssa Galea '14
Are Minority Voting Rights In Danger? The Aftermath of Shelby County v. Holder

The 2013 Mehri Best Thesis Winners:

Nicole Daniels '13
"Localism and Environmental Justice for All"

Eleanor Prisco '13
"The Dictator is Overthrown! Now What? An Assessment of the Transition of Arab Spring Countries to Democracy"

The 2013 Mehri Best Thesis Runner-Up:

Elizabeth Meyer '13
"Show Me Your ID: A Look at Voter ID Laws and the Effect of Voter Turnout"

2012 Mehri Best Thesis Winner

Rachel Rhode's '12
Not So Fast, DOJ! Political Appointees, Ethics, and the Federal Bureaucracy

2011 Mehri Best Thesis Winner

Joseph Marchwinski ‘11
I Vow to Thee, My Continent ... Elections, Public Opinion and the European Union

2011 Mehri Best Thesis Runner-Up

Fredelin Cabrera ‘11
New Media: Transforming Presidential Politics or Just the Usual?

2010 Mehri Best Thesis Award Winner

Eliza Mohlie ‘10
Promises (Un)Delivered: Rhetoric, Risks and Reality of China's "Beijing Consensus”

2010 Mehri Best Thesis Runners-Up

Christopher DiDonna ‘10
Marked for Dead: U.S. Opposition to International Gun Control

Corey Mead ‘10
Partisan Comedy: The Daily Show and Colbert Report

2009 Mehri Best Senior Thesis Award Winners

Caitlin Hill '09
The Gender Gap in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination

Jennifer Lonergan '09
Gadamer, Scalia, and the Constitution

Samuel Roods '09
The Global Shift: U.S. Decline and the Rise of the Second World

2008 Mehri Best Senior Thesis Award Winner

J. Michael Angstadt '08
Small Towns and Big Turbines: How New York’s Local Governments Impact and React to Commercial Wind Energy Proposals

2007 Mehri Best Senior Thesis Award Winners

Noah Paul '07
Constructing Transjurisdictional Criminal Justice in a ‘Global War on Terror’—Guantánamo Bay, ‘Extraordinary Renditions’, Sovereignty, and Human Rights after 11 September

Ryan Pukos '07
Comparative Theoretical Approaches to Explaining Movements of Social Insurgency: The Case of ETA in Spain

2006 Mehri Best Senior Thesis Award Winner

Emily Frankel '06
The Impact of Female Legislators on Abortion Policy in the American States

2005 Mehri Best Senior Thesis Award Winner

Arpine Kocharyan '05
Balancing between Great Powers in the 21st Century

Rebecca Snyder '05
Incompatibility of Free Exercise Clause and Establishment Clause

2004 Mehri Best Senior Thesis Award Winners

Jen Lunsford '04
Boobies, Porn and Henry Miller: Limits to Constructing a Legal Definition of Obscenity

Kevin Fisher '04
Democracy in Name Only: Machinations of the Camden County Democratic Machine

Nancy Wheeler '04
The BCRA and Campaign Advertising

2003 Mehri Best Senior Thesis Award Winners

Larissa Waysl '03
Anti-Drug Programs and the Rise of Drug-Use in the United States

Tom Jacobson '03
Water Politics in the Middle East