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Selecting a Law School

Once you are sure that you wish to apply to law school, begin by consulting various printed and online resources available at Hartwick.  The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools can help you get an overview of a large variety of law schools, selected according to such criteria as location, cost, median LSAT scores and GPA’s and specialized programs offered. Then visit several law schools in the area, whether or not you are considering applying to them, to get the flavor of law school life.  Attending a law school fair as well can expose you to a relatively large number of schools nationwide in a single day.

Although interviews are usually not part of the admissions process, you may find visits to law schools very informative.  Contact admissions officers and make appointments to sit in on classes and meet professors.  Discussions with law professors and students can greatly help you assess the school.

Apply only to law schools that you would attend if accepted.  There is no optimum or magic number of applications everyone should file.  The application process is not only lengthy and time consuming; it is also costly (as much as $600 for seven schools).  While some students choose to apply only to "top schools," others include a range of schools.  Particularly during the current increase in the applicant pool, be realistic.  In recent years, Hartwick students who were accepted by at least one law school applied, on average, to seven schools.