Neuroscience Courses

Biological Psychology (PSYC 305)
Instructor(s): KinHo Chan, Ph.D.
The biological foundation of behavior. Topics include the neuroanatomical basis of behavior; the development of the nervous system; and the physiological bases of sleeping and waking, eating and drinking, sexual behavior, perception, emotion and cognition. Offered every other year. Prerequisite: Psyc 110.

Research in Biopsychology (PSYC 365)
Instructor(s): KinHo Chan, Ph.D.
Acquisition of neuroscience techniques and application of biopsychology concepts. Students will learn to design, conduct, and analyze biopsychology experiments; dissect tissues of the nervous system; learn basic neurosurgery techniques; learn histology and microscopy techniques. (Prerequisite: PSYC 240, 241, 305)

Neurobiology (BIOL 310)
(4 credits; 3 one-hour lectures and 1 three-hour laboratory weekly)
Instructor(s): Allen Crooker, Ph.D.
An introduction to cellular and integrative neurobiology, this course offers a comprehensive overview of the anatomy, chemistry, physiology, and biophysics of the nervous system. The course begins with the study of neurons and associated cells and progresses to the examination of the ways these cells are organized into functional circuits that process information and mediate behavior. Topics include neuroanatomy, electrical properties of nerve cells, neurochemistry and synaptic mechanisms, neural systems, motor and sensory systems, learning, memory, behavior, and developmental neurobiology. Prerequisites: Biol 104, 105. (LAB)