Elena Chernyak, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, M.A. degrees, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia and Assumption University, Windsor, Canada,  M.S.W., A.B.D., University of Windsor, Canada.
Email: chernyake@hartwick.edu

Reid M. Golden, Professor of Sociology, Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany. Areas of Focus: Medical Sociology, Health Policy, Gerontology, Demography, Critical Incident Management, Criminology, Educational Assessment, Social History of the Catskills, Irish Culture and Society.
E-mail:  GoldenR@Hartwick.edu

Leona D. Jochnowitz, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, J.D., Ph.D. , Area of Focus: Book review editor of Criminal Law Bulletin, science of jury decision-making, and the tendency of jurors, even in important death penalty decisions, to rely on premature heuristic short-cuts and extra-legal stereotypes. She earned her Ph.D. and M.A. from the School of Criminal Justice at the University at Albany. She graduated from St. John's University School of Law and is a member of the New York State and Federal Bars. 
Email: jochnowitzl@hartwick.edu

Katherine O'Donnell, Professor, M.A., University of Colorado; Ph.D., Indiana University. Areas of Focus: Mayan Women’s Struggle for Social, Political, and Economic Justice and Democracy in Chiapas, Mexico; Gender and Rural Poverty; Human Rights; Reproductive Freedom; U.S. Women’s Movement; Community-Based Research and Teaching; Community Service Learning; North-South Solidarity; Farm Workers’ Rights; Socio-Linguistics; Participatory Action Research; Critical Ethnography.
E-mail: o_donnellk@hartwick.edu

Cecelia Walsh-Russo, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Columbia University; Areas of Interest:  International Social Movements; Urban Sociology; Media Studies. 
E-Mail: Walsh_RussoC@Hartwick.edu

Adjunct Faculty
Denise Newvine, Adjunct Professor, Area of Focus: Health and Health Care Policy
E-mail: newvined@hartwick.edu

Justine Woolner-Wise, CSW, Adjunct Professor. Area of Focus: Social Work
E-mail: woolnerwise@gmail.com