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Minor Requirements

The minor in LACS requires that students complete 20 credits and fulfill a language requirement as noted.  No more than three courses may apply from any one department.  Courses from other disciplines with primary or considerable LACS content/focus and approved by LACS faculty also fulfill the minor.  There are courses that might fulfill requirements that are not obviously Latin America courses, for which you should consult with the LACS coordinator.

Required courses and credits

  • These specific courses are required:
    • HIST 201 Colonial Latin America or HIST 202 Modern Latin America
    • POSC 268 Latin American/Caribbean Politics
    • SPAN 160 Topics in Hispanic Studies
  • Electives from a list of courses which are designed as fulfilling LACS requirements (or which are cross-listed with LACS).  Among those courses which will be cross-listed with LACS minor are:
    • ANTH 237: Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
    • HIST: LACS topics courses offered regularly
    • SPAN: LACS topics courses offered regularly
  • One 300/400 level broad Latin American survey course, such as:
    • HIST 326: Gender and Power in Latin America
    • HIST 327: Revolutions in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • POSC 327: Politics Through Literature
  • Language: It is the expectation that Latin American-Caribbean studies students meet their College language requirement in Spanish or French. However, the interested student may meet this expectation by demonstrating proficiency in Portuguese through examination.
  • Off-Campus Study: An off-campus internship or program in Latin American-Caribbean countries with considerable cross-cultural or in situ content and approved by the LACS faculty; this option is highly recommended. More about off-campus study...